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SP Landscaping offers a full Patio design and construction service.

After an initial free consultation we will liaise closely with you in order to guarantee that the completed project is 100% to your satisfaction. All our work carries our full guarantee and no job is too big or too small.

We have an extensive catalogue of pavior and block pave patterns and can advise on the most suitable materials for your project and budget. All the materials we use are from the most respected suppliers to ensure that the end result is desirable, durable and of the highest standard.

If you are looking for something a bit different from the range of standard pattern designs we offer a full unique design service to help you achieve your vision.

Indian Stone Paving

Choosing the right type of paving stone can be a confusing task and you mighty even feel spoilt for choice, especially because of the amount of different types of paving stones that are out there. Here at SP Landscaping we are here to help, we can advise on which type of paving would be suitable for your particular project and whether it be a modern patio or a more traditional cobble stone path in the garden we can cater for any need.

Colours can be chosen from a variety at our local trusted and well established supplier. Being able to go and see the paving before it’s laid will ensure you receive the very best for your new patio, garden or driveway project.

Block Paving can be used in many different ways for example, Block paved driveways, Patios and pathways, Kerbs and edging for flower beds, Commercial and residential paving.

For a range of Paving please take a look at our local supplier Springfields

For the perfect turf to compliment your new patio take a look at Dandys

The Professional Technique

The art of laying block paving or paving slabs is in the preparation of the surface that is to be paved. After an initial free consultation and quote we will guide you in your choice of pavior/slab and pattern and agree a timescale and start date to commence your project.

Block Paving:
To create a new driveway using a 60mm block paviour’s in a colour of your choice. We excavate the new driveway to a minimum depth of 200mm under the new finished level and remove any obstructive material before building back up with class one mot which is compacted at a minimum depth of 100 mm after compaction to eliminate any differential settlement or rutting in the future, we will then compact and screed sharp sand to 25mm -50mm and then lay the block paviours in a 45 degree herringbone bond design pattern and cut in around the perimeter/soldier course, we finish with jointing sand and consolidate the whole area with a compacter plate. The driveway can then be trafficked immediately. Paving will be built back up under the 2 blue bricks under the damp course as in accordance with building regulations Part C, Section 4.4 giving 150mm under the dpc to the paving. New kerb edgers will be installed at the entrance of the drive to retain it independently.

Paving Slabs:
All paving will be laid onto a strong solid mortar bed (not mortar spotted method as incorrect installation) so that it will never move or suffer from any penetrating weed growth, all pointing joints will be either solid mortar pointed or a two part epoxy resin pointing compound. Paving will be built back up under the 2 blue bricks under the damp course as in accordance with building regulations Part C, Section 4.4 giving around 150mm under the dpc to the paving.